Ireena Kolyana

Tormented and stalked almost nightly by Strahd and his unnatural obsession with her.


Ireena is the adopted daughter of the recently deceased Burgomaster of Barovia Village.

When the party found her she had locked herself inside the mansion and was very distrusting of anyone. After managing to persuade her to let them in Ireena revealed that she has been stalked nightly by Strahd and his minions.
She doesn’t know why he is obsessed with her only that it is leaving her scared and weak.

The party gave her a silver sword so she can protect herself.

After talking to her adoptive brother it is decided that after laying their farther to rest it would be best to move Ireena away from ravenloft. Either to the town of Vallaki or furhter beyond to the sanctuary of the Abbey of Saint Markovia.


Ireena Kolyana

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